Modern Vollyball



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Vollyball is game of cordination

In this book, we intend to provide ideas and concepts about modern volleyball game, its techniques and tactics. So first of all we need to know the features of volleyball and so that we can go into more detail and know how we can learn and teach it.

 Volleyball is extremely team sport that needs smart, skillful and explosive and quick players. In fact, volleyball is a coordination sport and consists of several levels of coordination. The first level of coordination in volleyball is intramuscular coordination or coordination inside muscles. This coordination must be presented in the contraction units called the Sarcomere, also its components called Myosin and Actin. In order to increase intramuscular coordination and coordination within contractile units we must develop maximum strength. Volleyball is an explosive power sport. It is a combination of strength and speed. So, we can transform this maximum strength into explosive power by adding speed to it, and as a result, we will have players with high reaction speed and explosive power.


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